Charles Taylor

Charles Taylor, emeritus professor of philosophy at McGill University, is the recipient of the Berggruen Prize for 2016 as well as the recipient of the prestigious John W. Kluge, Templeton, and Kyoto prizes, among other honors. Taylor’s philosophical approaches to the issues of modernity, democracy, equality, and inclusion in key texts such as A Secular Age (Harvard University Press, 2007), Sources of the Self (Harvard University Press, 1989), and Multiculturalism: Examining the Politics of Recognition (Princeton University Press, 1994) have transformed conceptual categories in the humanities and social sciences. Throughout his career, Taylor has exemplified the crucial civic role played by university research, entwining his theoretical approaches with political participation in several domains: from the 1960s, when Taylor ran in three federal elections in Mount Royal, to being part of the Quebec Consultation Commission on Accommodation Practices Related to Cultural Differences in 2007.

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