Christopher P. Long

Christopher P. Long is professor of Philosophy and dean of the College of Arts & Letters at Michigan State University. His extensive publications in Ancient Greek and Contemporary Continental Philosophy include four books: The Ethics of Ontology (SUNY 2004); Aristotle On the Nature of Truth (Cambridge 2010); Socratic and Platonic Political Philosophy: Practicing a Politics of Reading (Cambridge 2014); and, forthcoming, Reiner Schürmann and the Poetics of Politics (Punctum Books). He is co-founder of the Public Philosophy Journal, a project that has received over $1m in funding from the Mellon Foundation to create an innovative online public space of digital scholarship and communication. He is also editor of the Journal for General Education. To learn more about his administrative approach and his recent research in philosophy and digital scholarly communication, visit his virtual vita or reach him on Twitter @cplong . His ORCID iD is: 0000-0001-9932-5689.

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