Jordan Tama

Jordan Tama is associate professor in the School of International Service at American University and codirector of the Bridging the Gap Project. His research examines the politics and processes of US foreign and national security policy. His books include Rivals for Power: Presidential-Congressional Relations, 6th edition (coedited with James Thurber; Rowman & Littlefield, 2017); Terrorism and National Security Reform: How Commissions Can Drive Change During Crises (Cambridge University Press, 2011); and A Creative Tension: The Foreign Policy Roles of the President and Congress (coauthored with Lee Hamilton; Woodrow Wilson Center Press, 2002). He has also published articles based on his research in a variety of scholarly journals and outlets with broad readerships. He is currently writing a book about bipartisanship in US foreign policy. Tama received a Social Science Research Council Negotiating Agreement in Congress research grant in 2016–2017 for a project titled “Contributors to US Foreign Policy Bipartisanship.” His work on bipartisanship has also been supported by a Woodrow Wilson Center Fellowship, and informed by an American Political Science Association Congressional Fellowship.

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