Kris-Stella Trump

Kris-Stella Trump is director of the Anxieties of Democracy program. Together with Jason Rhody (director of the Digital Culture Program), she also codirects the Media & Democracy program. Kris-Stella is a political scientist with a specialization in political psychology, and her research agenda focuses on perceptions of deservingness, public reactions to income inequality, and the consequences of public policy. She received her PhD in political science from Harvard University in 2013, and holds an MPhil in European politics from Oxford University and a BA in social and political sciences from Cambridge University. Her work has appeared in journals including The Journal of Politics and the British Journal of Political Science. Prior to joining the SSRC, Kris-Stella worked at the Office of Evaluation Sciences, where she designed and ran behavioral science field experiments to improve public policy. She has also held positions as research associate at IMPAQ, Int., and as college fellow at Harvard University.

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