Meshack Owino

Dr. Meshack Owino is an associate professor of history at Cleveland State University, Cleveland, Ohio. He primarily teaches courses on pre-colonial and modern Africa; East Africa; Southern Africa; South Africa; and Kenya at Cleveland State University. He is co-director of the project on Curating East Africa,(supported by the NEH Digital Humanities Advancement Grant). Dr. Owino has taught African history at several universities, including Egerton University, Kenya, and Bloomsburg University, Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania. He has also served as a visiting professor of African history at Stanford University, Palo Alto, California, and as an adjunct professor at Texas Southern University, Houston, Texas. Dr. Owino’s research interests include the social experience of Kenya African soldiers in the Second World War. He has published several articles on African soldiers and wars and conflicts in Africa. Born and brought in Kenya, Dr. Owino earned his B.Ed. and M.A at Kenyatta University, Kenya, and another M.A. and Ph.D. at Rice University, Houston, Texas.

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