Arlene Stein

Arlene Stein is a sociologist of gender, sexuality, culture, and politics at Rutgers University, where she directs the Institute for Research on Women. Her latest book is Unbound: Transgender Men and the Transformation of Identity (Pantheon, 2018). She is also the author of The Stranger Next Door (Beacon Press, 2002), an ethnography of a Christian conservative campaign against lesbian/gay rights, which explores clashing understandings of religion and sexuality in American culture; it received the Ruth Benedict Book Award. Going Public: A Guide for Social Scientists (coauthored with Jessie Daniels; The University of Chicago Press), is a guidebook for publicly engaged scholars. She received the American Sociological Association’s Simon and Gagnon Award for career contributions to the study of sexualities. Stein is a 1997 postdoc fellow of the SSRC’s Sexuality Research Fellowship Program.

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