Debojyoti Das

Debojyoti Das is an anthropologist of South Asia focusing on the borderlands of eastern India and the Indian Ocean world. His work is deeply interdisciplinary, bridging his training as an ethnographer with extensive use of visual media and oral sources. Das’s current research focuses on natural disasters, migration, and sustainable development issues among marginalized communities in the Indian Ocean region and East Africa. He is interested in transdisciplinary and community focused work, which feeds into the use of different qualitative methods and tools for action research. Besides academic peer-reviewed publications, Das has contributed to newspapers, blogs, photo exhibitions, seminars, and stakeholder’s workshops. He has collaborated with colleagues and institutions working in the Indian Ocean region thanks to a 2020 SSRC Transregional Planning Grant. Das has established a pulsating research network with scholars working on climate change and environmental disasters through an environmental refugee webinar series.

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