Anders Ese

Anders Ese is Head of R&D at Urban-A. He grew up in Kenya and Zambia and holds a PhD on mapping, data col-lection, and analysis of complex urban settings in Nairobi, Kenya. Ese specializes in urban development in the overlap between the fields of urbanism, social sciences, and historical research, especially pertaining to East and Southern Africa, and has worked extensively on issues related to urbanization, poverty, identities, and sustainability in the region through academic and consultancy work. He has established and run interdisciplinary practices in both Tanzania and Norway. His recent book, The City Makers of Nairobi (with Kristin Ese; Routledge, 2020), explores African urban identities in Nairobi during the colonial period, arguing that the city’s cosmopolitan African population had a far greater impact on urban developments than what is popularly believed.

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