Benjamin Sidori

Benjamin Sidori Ombiri has worked on community development areas ranging from re-search, documentation and communication on human rights, youth and women participa-tion in governance and development and building partnership for social change. He has ex-perience at both local and international levels, having interacted with people from diverse cultures and beliefs.
Sidori has a BA in governance and development from MS Training Center for Development Corporation. His work experience has given him exposure the fields of human rights, de-mocracy, and socioeconomic development being practiced in different contexts. His current role with Youth Alive Liberia involves communications, documentation, and advocacy in ar-eas of human rights, gender-based violence, and peace building. He has experience in work-ing with marginalized communities, especially in informal settlements, engaging with them through participatory approaches to have a clear understanding of how they can par-ticipate in governance and development.
He is interested in empowering women and girls to access justice. He was previously in-volved in engaging men and boys in gender norms transformation and building strong coali-tions to advocate for economic, social, and political justice and empowering women and girls to take leadership positions from the grassroots to national level.

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