Jennifer Bair

Jennifer Bair is professor of sociology and department chair at the University of Virginia. Her research interests are at the intersection of global political economy, work, and development. The editor of four books, including Frontiers of Commodity Chains Research (Stanford University Press, 2008), her work has appeared in many journals including World Development, Social Problems, Economy and Society, and Signs. She has conducted extensive research on global value chains in Latin America, and more recently, South Asia. In addition to a collaborative book project on labor organizing in global supply chains, she is currently studying efforts to improve human rights protections for migrant workers in US agriculture. She is an editor of the Review of International Political Economy and EPA: Economy and Space, and a member of the International Labor Organization’s Research Review Group. As a graduate student at Duke University, her first foray into international research was funded by the Social Science Research Council International Predissertation Fellowship.

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