Kathryn Babineau

Kathryn Babineau is a PhD student in the University of Virginia’s sociology department and the Groundbreakers Jefferson Fellow, where she studies international political economy, labor rights, temporary migration, and public and private regulation. Her dissertation, “Regulating Labor Supply Chains: Sending States, Private Control, and the Governance of Temporary Labor Migration,” traces the regulation of temporary labor migration programs in US agriculture, with an emphasis on the changing role of sending states and private organizations in shaping the structure of these programs. Her previous research identified factors that influence the successful remedy of human rights violations committed by corporations, as a member of the innovative Corporations and Human Rights Database research team. Before returning to academia, she worked as a human rights investigator in US agriculture and as a foreign policy researcher. She holds a Master of Philosophy in Latin American studies from the University of Oxford and a Master of Public Policy from the University of Virginia.

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