Single Photo Competition

IDRF Fellows Pick
Marcos Leitão de Almeida: War and Peace in Northern Angola. The photo was taken while I walked the small village of Cuimba. The tank is parked just next to the main road and, according to some villagers, it is there since it was hit and abandoned by soldiers. The villagers recognize the vehicle as being of Ukrainian origin and probably belonged to the military forces associated with the MPLA. What strikes me in this picture is how the tank and the growth of vegetation on top of it give us a sense of temporality to the landscape. In a way, the tank presides over its surroundings while at the same time move along with it. It is a remnant of the war, but its own decadent presence and ongoing interactions with living organisms is the byproduct of peace.
Fellowships Office Pick
Alyssa Bowen: Protest Preparation along Santiago’s Grand Alameda. Chilean Special Forces prepare for first national student protest of 2017. The street dogs, well cared for by the Santiagüinos, become anxious as people gather along Santiago’s traditional protest route and begin barking at the military tanks speeding past (not so affectionately called guanacos for the water they spew at protestors).

Self Portrait Competition

IDRF Fellows Pick
Rachel Silver: Sunday Morning Shopping. Traveling with my daughter shaped every aspect of my fieldwork experience. Here we are en route to the Zomba market for Saturday morning vegetable shopping. When we arrived in Malawi, she was a little over a year old. When we left, she was two. The time was formative, and she still talks about ‘my Zomba’ and the many friends we made there.

Fellowships Office Pick

Malene H. Jacobsen: An Interview. An interview with a Syrian forced migrant, discussing the meaning of the words ‘refugee’, ‘migrant’, ‘guest’, ‘asylum seeker’, and ‘human’.

Photo Essay Competition

IDRF Fellows Pick: Anthony Dest

Fellowships Office Pick: Tobin Hansen

Video Submission

Cindy A. Nguyen

Description: The sounds of the city — the torrential rains, the construction sites, the tranquil cafes, the continuous traffic— play together as music notes to form a song of the city. Sống, means “to live,” and in this film, I weave together vignettes and sounds of life in Hanoi.

Video shot on May 1, 2017 in Hanoi, Vietnam